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My ability to understand math,
is less important,
than my ability to teach others,
to understand math.


Eye Of The Dragon

Mistakes we hate to make them, but one thing is for sure. For every mistake you make you will learn twice as much. What a game Friday.

Online Math Help

Need help with Algebra? Algebra Help Test Study Aids Everyone needs extra help from time to time. That’s why all the teachers provide links to support sites

Lessons Learned Week 1

Proud to be a Dragon. We all learn something everyday. These are some thoughts about my first week at Pickens High School. I’m so blessed to be here.


A syllabus is a broad overview of what the class will cover, materials needed and expectations of students. You may download or review the syllabus here.

Things to know.


Class attendance is one of the most critical things in learning.  As you can see from my lesson plans we cover a lot of concepts and missing a single class puts you at a disadvantage.


Respect for your teachers as well as other students, will go a long way to successful completion of this class.

Be Prepared

There are things that will be identified as need for this class.  An example would be paper, pencil and calculator.  While we may have supplies available, you need to always come to class prepared.


To get credit for homework, the work must be completed correctly and turned in on time.  I’m glad to help with any assignment if you need me.

Algebra Video of The Month

Sure it’s not the same as being in class, but might be fun to watch anyway.


Algebra I is the first course in a sequence of three required high school courses designed to ensure career and college readiness. The course represents a discrete study of algebra with correlated statistics applications.

You must show all work (even if you use a calculator) to ensure full credit is received for correct answers.

The semester grade will be calculated as follows:

  • 60% Test 60%
  • 40% Homework, quizzes, task 40%